Artisan Limited Edition is where you will lose yourself in its heart, in fact, find yourself in the exciting of it.

Our product range consists of home accessories, small furniture, womenswear and accessories, selective antique and eccentric objects, decorative products and aromatherapy oil scents. Each of them addresses five inspirational senses as sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

Touches from art, elegance, classic, art deco and art nouveaux make you live diverse blisses by creating beautiful moments in front of your eyes.

Artisan Limited Edition’s raison d'être is to make you meet with the unique products of the artisan people from all around the world who are highly talented and particularly selected by Artisan Limited Edition.

Artisan Limited Edition believes that every home is matchless and special to its owner. Having this in mind, we devote ourselves to make selective production as we name it “Limited Edition”.